Our customer’s success is our no. 1

We blast, drill and dig our way through a wide variety of construction projects, either as the primary contractor or as a subcontractor. The success of our customers is always our main target. If we are not able to complete the job singlehandedly, we team up with skilled collaborators. If the job is outside our area of expertise, we help you find a local company with the right experience and expertise.

Some of our offerings:
– Planning and implementation of construction projects
– Drilling and blasting in connection with site development and building
– Installation of supply and communication lines
– Renovation
– Demolition
– Land, lake and sea surveys
– Mechanics and blacksmiths

Arctic challenges - creative solutions

There is an increasing interest in extracting oil and minerals from Greenland’s bedrock. Due to GNC’s extensive local knowledge, we have been able to assist several exploration companies. Where others see impossibilities and impassable conditions, we see challenges that can be solved through creative thinking.

Some of our offerings:
– Technical support on broken and new machinery
– Camp construction and operation
– Materials
– Manpower
– Drilling and blasting
– Establishment of infrastructure
– Winter transportation (sleds and bulldozers)